"Extreme" is the single word that most accurately describes my work and has been the constant thread linking my work over the entire course of my career whether it is painting, drawing or sculpture. Extreme forms, shapes, content, ideas, marking making and images.

Over the past 3 years I have been working on a series of shaped paintings other than rectangles. I found that the forms I was drawing or painting were far more intriguing to me than the painted figure locked onto a painted ground. I fell in love with the singular form and needed to see it as an object occupying space. The wall then became the ground. For me an exciting result of this decision was that I had to invent a new way to make stretchers and work out how to stretch the canvas and now wood panels over undulating shapes. Every painting requires different construction considerations from the previous one.

These paintings are designed to stand a 3/4 inch out from the wall which allows vibrant color applied on the reverse side of each painting to subtly reflect on the wall creating a halo effect along the edge of the painting. Frequently I incorporate texture material in the paint such as coffee grounds, steel filings or sawdust.

I don’t consider my work abstract or non figurative but rather molecularly figurative. It can be regarded as psychedelic camouflage. The skeins of layered marks on the surface may be seen as a record of a thought process. Not necessarily any particular thoughts per se but rather the thought of thought in paint.

The mind gear series is based on the thinking mind in search of stillness which references my own experiences and observations.